Night Stalker

Orlando Harding
Orlando Harding is an independent comic book publisher and writer who enjoyed the challenges of creating and attention to detail. Comics, science fiction and fantasy have always been a source of wonder for him, ...
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David R Miller Jr
David Roy Miller Jr is a Massachusetts based comic book artist with a penchant for horror. David served as a draftsman in the US Navy where he sailed through Micronesia under the stars, and woke with the dawn in Guam ...
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Steve Cobb
I have lived a hundred lives or more inside the Subconscious part of my Mind. I have been a Murderer, Hero, Warrior, Detective, An Astronaut, Animal Food, and a Dead Man many times over ...
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Kel Nuttall
Kel Nuttall is a comic book letterer and writer currently living like a vagabond, dividing his time most recently between Nebraska and Texas ...
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Dyana, Hell’s most honored and revered assassin, has been sent to Earth to serve absconder warrants on the most reviled and insidious creatures ever to have escaped the depths of the Abyss. However, her mission continues to be hampered by Hell’s constant oversight. With the help of her Hellion Azrael, they endeavor to serve each and every warrant. They track, identify and capture each absconder and deport them back to Hell. Dyana’s mission has been plagued with strife and malcontent but has not interfered with the genuine friendship that has evolved between her and the angel Michelle. She will be ensnared in the dirty politics of light and dark and will ultimately make a decision that will change the course of humanity. She will cause an immortal power shift, forever altering the roles of good and evil and bringing humanity to the edge of extinction. Dyana will discover when dealing with the forces of light and dark, nothing is out of bounds and that both sides play for keeps. Nothing is as it seems and she will be forced to face her own inner demons and become who she was meant to be.

She is…The Night Stalker.


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