Necessary Monsters

Dr. Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
I’m a comic creator and lecturer based out of Welwyn Garden City, England. is where I catalogue my experiments in fiction and the comics form. If that all sounds a little dry, don’t worry – I’m sure something horribly violent and amusing will happen if you stick around long enough ...
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Sean Azzopardi
I am a London-based cartoonist/illustrator and have been making and self publishing comics for a number of years. I’ve produced numerous mini comics and books for my Phatcomics imprint, including acclaimed titles such as Ed, Twelve Hour Shift and Dark Matters. Away from self published titles I’m working on Necessary Monsters (1First Comics) and have drawn a back up strip for indy smash Phonogram (Image). I also have work in numerous anthologies and magazines ...
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Necessary Monsters Volume 1

There exists a world of horrors beneath the one we know, where the creatures of our nightmares stalk amongst humanity. The Chain polices this world, a covert agency of killer monsters keeping the human herd from growing too thin. Introduction by Kieron Gillen.

Volume One Available for purchase Now!

Necessary Monsters Volume 2: Murderbox

“Necessary Monsters: Murderbox is a spy thriller where the world is awash with beasts and monsters, dark things that cut, bite, slash and generally kill you. Daniel Goodbrey twists and turns the plot around, following all the rules of thriller writing, throwing in some grotesquery and trimmings of weird, shadowy worlds, but playing up to the clichés, luxuriating in them, even, adding a knowing twist to the thrills.” – Forbidden Planet

Volume Two – The Murder Box, Is Available for Purchase Now!