Dogwitch Omnibus: The Whole Shebang

Dan Schaffer
Dan Schaffer is a London based comic book writer/artist and screenwriter ...
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THE DOGWITCH OMNIBUS collects every issue of this fan favorite series in a stunning new hardcover edition. Meet outcast Dogwitch Violet Grimm, who stretches the boundaries of accepted 21st Century witchcraft. Churning out provocative home videos for a berserk and hungry fan base in her pursuit of arcane knowledge, Violet feeds her diary with the dating rituals of the sick and heinous. Violet is the Garbo of witches, a reclusive legend in a depraved, gory, funny and fiendishly sexy world. With an introduction by The Soska Sisters and an eye-popping pinup gallery. The always amazing Dan Shaffer (The Scribbler; Killdarlings) bringing it all back home—a fabulous new edition of his scariest, funniest work.


Dogwitch: The Whole Shebang and other great works by the talented Dan Schaffer available for purchase Now!