1First Catalog

Cover for Space Negro by Jared Sams
Front Cover showing Alexander Hamilton as drawn by Hoyt Silva
Front Cover of Warp 30th Anniversary Edition Drawn by Frank Brunner
Movie Cover - Katie Cassidy standing on the side the of the building as Suki in her Scribbler persona, as it rains
Cover of the Tales of the S.S. Junky Star Volume 1: The Maiden Voyage. Depicting the crew in a battle featuring two other ships.
Cover of the Super Terre.R Graphic Novel showing a green landscape of natural Hills, Land Bridges, and two moons in the sky. The Title of the book is at the top of the cover in Big Red Letters with the names Omaha Perez , Tony Talbert, and Greg Hinkle
Cover of the Graphic Novel featuring the Title at the top and the name of the authors above that. Two thirds of the bottom of the cover features a blonde woman in Holy Templar armor and a bleeding cross on the front. She is holding a shotgun above her head.
The cover of Necessary Monsters Volume 1 features a black and white statue of Liberty, upside down, wrapped in a red chain, and a skull where her face should be. The New York skyline is behind her and to her left is a military helecopter cloaked in shadow and two otherworldly tentacles are above it. The title of the book is in big red letters on the bottom third of the cover. Below that are the names of the Author and Artist. Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Sean Azzopardi respectively.
Cover of the Killdarlings graphic novel featuring the main characters. At the top of the cover is Talula, a raven haired white female. She is wearing a black sport coat, white button up shirt with the top button undone, and a neck tie loosely tied around her neck. She is also holding a magnum to her head. At the bottom of the cover is Nomi, a blonde white female with pig tails hanging down on both sides of her head. She is wearing a read strappy dress. She is holding a bloody chainsaw and she has drops of blood smattered over her. She is also smiling. Between the two women is a smear of blood with the words Dan Schaffer Killdarlings written in black/negative space across the width of the cover.
Cover for the Illuminati Transport Trade Paperback.
Frickin' Butt-Kickin' Zombie Ants
The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse
E-Man: The Early Years
Dogwitch Omnibus: the Whole Shebang
Dog Soldiers
Captain Freebird
Cadaver Dogs of Winter
Blaze Brothers
Alien Bones
The Witchfinder General Intern
Serving Supes
Public Relations
Love Town
Lark's Killer
Inspector OH
Black Flame