Glenn Farrington
I'm originally from NY and currently live in Los Angeles. In my past I've said funny things for money, protected and served the people of the City of New York, became an executive for America Online and I founded and built the business of Digital Seas International ...
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Fillbach Brothers
Shawn (b. 1971) and Matthew (b. 1974), the formidable Fillbach Brothers, hail from Big Sky Country…Butte, Montana… and were raised on a ranch amid broncos, mustangs, banthas, and tauntauns. The outlaw brothers are creators, writers, and artists who are known for the bestselling STAR WARS: CLONE WARS ADVENTURES digest books and the acclaimed graphic novels MAXWELL STRANGEWELL and ROADKILL ...
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Five Lives. One day. Some days matter more than others. Read the reviews! ” I have read many great OGNs – Original Graphic Novels – yet it's been some time that one has made me want to read it again and again in the same sitting!” – PopCultureUncovered.

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