Dan Schaffer
Dan Schaffer is a London based comic book writer/artist and screenwriter ...
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David R Miller Jr
David Roy Miller Jr is a Massachusetts based comic book artist with a penchant for horror. David served as a draftsman in the US Navy where he sailed through Micronesia under the stars, and woke with the dawn in Guam ...
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The world of Malefic is as wicked as the devil and twice as tricky. Young Dr. Freust, a psychiatrist in a castle full of deranged paranormal mutants, must pit her wits and her sanity in a dangerous game as she takes her deceased father's controversial fringe scientific experiments to unimaginable levels in order to stop the lunatics from taking over the asylum. Malefic combines the storytelling twists of The Twilight Zone with the outrageous sensibilities of American Horror Story.

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