Space Negro

Jared Sams
Jared Sams loves telling stories. First as a chunky, nappy-headed kid imagining epic tales of adventure on the monkey bars; ...
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Compton native Ronnell “Supernova” Watkins awakens from his cryogenic sleep a million years from now to a future hellbent on killing his black ass.  With his old life consigned to the past and the universe gunning for him from all directions, his first stop: to find hair care products for the last black man alive!  But his search stirs a long forgotten evil bent upon destroying all of reality.  Will Supernova doom the entire universe just to get his afro correct?
From the mind of creator JARED SAMS comes the book that shows that even in a universe with ray guns, spaceships, and warp travel, a black man still can't catch a break!