Super Terre.r

Omaha Perez
Named after the Omaha Indians, early on he established a reputation as an Illustrator with an aptitude for synthesizing real and imagined elements into unusually resonant surreal images ...
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Tony Talbert
He is a comic book artist and painter. He has produced a dozen subversive and abrasive graphic novels for many otherwise well-meaning and unsuspecting comic companies ...
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A stranded mining ship in deep space lucks upon a habitable “Super-Earth.” Having spent most of their lives on spartan space settlements, the crew believes this lush planet, thriving with more life than Earth itself – a planet free from war, pollution, and famine – must be Paradise itself. But Paradise soon turns to terror when one by one, crew members are horribly murdered. Writer Omaha Perez (HolmesThe Drude) and artist Tony Talbert (Xeric Award for First Moon) have created a gripping sci-fi mystery edgily enhanced by Talbert's intricate and moody art.