Shotgun to Sugarland

Cover of the Graphic Novel featuring the Title at the top and the name of the authors above that. Two thirds of the bottom of the cover features a blonde woman in Holy Templar armor and a bleeding cross on the front. She is holding a shotgun above her head.

Profile picture of the Fillbach Brothers pictured from the chest up. They both have shoulder length long dark hair and black cowboy hats. Both of them have full beards.
Shawn (b. 1971) and Matthew (b. 1974), the formidable Fillbach Brothers, hail from Big Sky Country…Butte, Montana… and were raised on a ranch amid broncos, mustangs, banthas, and tauntauns. The outlaw brothers are creators, writers, and artists who are known for the bestselling STAR WARS: CLONE WARS ADVENTURES digest books and the acclaimed graphic novels MAXWELL STRANGEWELL and ROADKILL ...