Public Relations

David Hahn
My work’s appeared in everything from comic books to cookbooks. It’s been used behind-the-scenes for storyboards and concept art, as well as mobile apps and non-profit awareness campaigns ...
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Steve Rolston
Steve Rolston portrait by Noble BeastSTEVE ROLSTON has been telling stories in the comic book medium for the past 20 years and has illustrated a range of genres. He won an Eisner Award as the original artist on the spy comic Queen & Country and he has received Shuster Award nominations and a Cybils Award for drawing the teen graphic novel Emiko Superstar. His other comic illustration credits include Ghost Projekt, Mek, Pounded, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Escapists, and Degrassi: Extra Credit ...
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Annie Wu
Annie is a writer and artist currently living in Chicago ...
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Dan Clover is your typical mid-20s urbanite, trying to get ahead in public relations. But his life is turned upside-down when he agrees to help after his estranged father – the king of the fantasy-inflected European land of Sardonia – makes a total ass of himself at his own 50th birthday celebration. Now Dan, his office crush Threnody, and a cast of knights, dragons, and graphic designers have to bring order to the kingdom – or die trying! 

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