David R Miller Jr

Who is David R Miller Jr:

David Roy Miller Jr is a Massachusetts based comic book artist with a penchant for horror.  David served as a draftsman in the US Navy where he sailed through Micronesia under the stars, and woke with the dawn in Guam. After the Navy he attended the San Diego Comic Con to seek an opportunity as an artist. There David was hired by Orlando Harding for his self-published comic PARIAH, and ultimately the graphic novel NIGHT STALKER. Inexorably drawn to the horror genre, David has written, “To me life is horror…a dark invader that seeks to squelch a healthy spirit, yet also igniting passion, healing and growth, Not merely something to be endured and conquered, Horror makes us cherish whatever we have, however you find it.” David has collaborated with Dan Schaffer on MALEFIC, a book he considers his crowning achievement to date, and the forthcoming PAZUZU, both from 1First Comics. In addition, David has been showcased in SCREWED: PROJECT FRANKENSTEIN, GRIMM FAIRY TALES: MYTHS & LEGENDS, and more. David writes, “I hope you find some joy reading these books.

Where can you find David R Miller Jr: