Omaha Perez

Who is Omaha Perez:

Named after the Omaha Indians, early on he established a reputation as an Illustrator with an aptitude for synthesizing real and imagined elements into unusually resonant surreal images. His artwork has been recognized by Society of Illustrators New York, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and the Spectrum and 3×3 Illustration Annuals. He has previously worked as a staff cg artist at Disney Interactive, DreamWorks Interactive, and EA, among others. As owner of Drude Studios he has provided movie poster and viral marketing art for most of the major film studios.

In the mid-nineties Omaha was known for indie comic books PREY FOR US SINNERS, SHOCK THE MONKEY and RAW PERIPHERY. He collaborated with an eclectic list of writers including Richard Hell, Robert Hunter, Steve Niles, Jan Strnad, Joe Casey, and JM DeMatteis. More recently, in addition to his catalog of original graphic novels, he contributed to anthologies Tori Amos’s COMIC BOOK TATTOO and THE GRAPHIC CANON v1.  A prolific writer in his own right, Omaha now primarily writes Graphic Novels for other artists (including Alfonso Ruiz, Greg Hinkle, and Tony Talbert). His originalGraphic Novels include BODHISATTVA (Writer/Artist), HOLMES: Haydn’s Head (W/A), THE DRUDE v1 (W/A), SUPER TERRE.R (W), and THE DRUDE v2: Lost Angeles (W). New titles in production include HOLMES: Voodou (W),
SUPER TERRE.R 2: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (W), HOLMES v2: Holmes Vs. Holmes (W/A), and BODHISATTVA v2: Shiva The Destroyer (W/A).

Where can you find Omaha Perez: