The Fillbach Brothers

Who are The Fillbach Brothers:

Shawn (b. 1971) and Matthew (b. 1974), the formidable Fillbach Brothers, hail from Big Sky Country…Butte, Montana… and were raised on a ranch amid broncos, mustangs, banthas, and tauntauns.  The outlaw brothers are creators, writers, and artists who are known for the bestselling STAR WARS: CLONE WARS ADVENTURES digest books and the acclaimed graphic novels MAXWELL STRANGEWELL and ROADKILL.

Through 1First Comics the brothers have released a veritable library of new graphic Novels that testify to their inexhaustible energy and showcase their innovative and expansive storytelling: See Below!

Coming soon from the Fillbach Brothers are the Graphic Novels HALLELUJAH, NAPALM JACK…among many, many more…! HUP!

Where can you find The Fillbach Brothers: