1First Comics at San Diego Comic-Con

It’s that time again for the first time in a long time! You know what we’re getting at… it’s San Diego Comic Con and 1First Comics will be there! It’s been years (three, to be precise) since we’ve seen all of you and we have a lot of brand-new things to show off! New comics, new creators, and new products!

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1First Editorial: First Comics on the Road in 2022!

To recap, 1First Comics has had one hell of a convention season!  Starting off with SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, 1First Comics saw its latest title, SPACE NEGRO: THE LAST NEGRO #1 by Jared Sams absolutely knock the socks off of everyone who bought a copy… and trust us, there were a lot of people who did!

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2023 1First Black History Month Interviews: Orlando Harding

February is Black History Month and 1First Comics would like to observe it by celebrating some of the creators we have been privileged to work with.  First up is ORLANDO HARDING, the creator and writer of the best-selling series RRH and the brand new paranatural action thriller NIGHT STALKER! Black History Month Interview with Orlando […]

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L’Amour Supreme’s ZEN Kickstarter

The Zen Intergalactic Ninja story began in 1987, when writer Steve Stern and artist Dan Cote Self-Published Issue #1 of their comic-book. Today, Zen has appeared in over one hundred comic books and graphic novels, two video games, a line of action figures, and many other spinoffs. In 1995, while walking through a mall on […]

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In this weeks 1First Comics Editorial, we are talking about the Hashtag “Comics Broke Me” (#comicsbrokeme) which is trending on Twitter. It’s centers around a lot of stories about how this creator was successful but couldn’t make it in comics or how that creator wasn’t successful because A, B, or C… and all of them […]

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