Mike Gustovich

Who is Mike Gustovich:

Mike Gustovich began his career by starting his own comic book company (NOBLE COMICS) whose first publication was a black and white anthology magazine called THE LANDS OF PRESTER JOHN an anthology of super/horror/sci-fi stories. Soon after he went to work for a new company called POWER COMICS for which mike was the art director and writer/artist of COBALT BLUE. From there Mike restarted NOBLE COMICS and began the superhero series that put him in the spotlight, The JUSTICE MACHINE. After 5 issues he moved over to working for MARVEL and DC where he worked on such titles as BAT MAN, THE NEW MUTANTS, the HULK, AVENGERS and so on. In the mean-time he illustrated for smaller companies such as FIRST and NOW.

Mike currently free lances on a more limited level and teaches at various schools and organizations.

Mike is also available for commissions, adoration and hugs.

Where can you find Mike Gustovich: