Kelley Jones

Who is Kelley Jones:

Kelley Jones has worked in comics for over 30 years for virtually every major publisher and renowned for his powerful use of light and shadow, and striking versions of DC’s Swamp ThingSandmanDeadman, and most notably Batman.

Jones broke out in the late 80’s with his nightmarish interpretation of Deadman and went on to illustrate arguably the greatest Sandman storyline- ‘The Season of Mists‘, creating a host of memorable characters which defined the look and feel of this landmark series.

Jones followed with his first work on Batman with the heralded Elseworlds graphic novel, Batman: Red Rain.

During the epic Batman Knightfall event, Jones provided over 40 covers for both Detective Comics and Batman, defining the look of back-breaking Batman nemesis, Bane.

This led to a three year run on the Batman monthly where Jones and legendary writer Doug Moench produced some of the most memorable stories in the character’s history. Their influence can be felt in the Batman films, most notably the Christopher Nolan trilogy.

Jones has also drawn for Marvel (Venom: The Madness), Dark Horse(Alien: Hive) and Bongo (Simpsons Treehouse of Horror) – considered high watermarks for those franchises.

Not satisfied only working on established characters, Jones wrote and drew the cult classic, The Hammer, published by Dark Horse.

Where can you find Kelley Jones: