Frank Brunner

Who is Frank Brunner:

Frank was hatched in Brooklyn N.Y. 1949, Turned PRO in 1969, Writing & Drawing for “Web of Horror Magazine”.  For over 40 years frank’s work has been continuously printed and re-printed world-wide as Comics, Magazines, Trading Cards,T-Shirts,Games,Album Covers, Animation, TV, Movies, Two Art Books ‘Eyes of Light” and“MYTHOS”.  Frank has popularized such characters as Dr. Strange, Man-Thing, Red Sonja, Conan, ELRIC and Howard the Duck, And designed all models for the First X-MEN Animated series!

Recently, Frank Illustrated new stories for Marvel’s“Mystic hands of Doctor Strange”, and for Bongo Comics, a satire of “Doc” & “Howard” in Simpson’s Super Spectacular #15. Frank Also Co-Created Howard the Duck and Beverly, and SISNEG for Marvel Comics! And illustrated the first comic book version of a Broadway Play “WARP” .

Where can you find Frank Brunner: