Dan Cote

Who is Dan Cote:

Dan Cote is the illustrator / co-creator of Zen Intergalactic Ninja.

Dan Cote and Steve Stern created Zen around 1985 where they met in Lewiston, Maine; Dans’ hometown.

Dan is a prolific experimenter. The first series of Zen comics were completely illustrated in airbrush, simply because he was infatuated with them. 

“I liked creating textures with the airbrush. No one was doing that. The airbrush usually produced excellent whispy or shiny results, but I would introduce textures by laying things on top. Things like nylons, grape stems and wire.”

When Dan went digital he developed Code D, a digital mode of creating anaglyph 3D with striking depth and immersion. 1First comics has the bragging rights for another “first”. The first publisher to print a book like this. Seems like old school when you see the red and blue paper glasses, but the experience is like no other.

Currently, Dans favorite medium is vector. He is now working on his second graphic novel that he says is “90% vector – 10% raster”. For those who don’t speak digital art, check out Dans blog. You will see that the art has a distinctly different vibe.

Dan lives in Los Angeles with wife of 35 years. They have two sons and 4 grandkids.

Where to find Dan Cote: